Welcome to Car Broker Hong Kong. We specialise in the sourcing of new

and used cars primarily for expatriates, although our services extend to

anyone who wants to save the time and hassle of making their next car


We also assist those who are leaving Hong Kong to either sell their car or have it exported to their next location. For those who leave in a hurry we are able to deal with the sale, documentation and transfer of funds on your behalf.

What we do for you

You tell us what car you want and we’ll source it for you. It’s that simple. If you’re not quite sure what car will suit your needs then we’ll try and help you make that decision. We then go out into the market place and source the cars that suit your requirements. Once this is done you decide what you would like to see and we make arrangements. When you’re happy with the car you place a deposit and we have the car inspected. Once this is done then all that’s required is for you to pay the remainder of the balance and we arrange for the car to be delivered to you. We even deal with all the documentation.

How we source

We have extensive contacts in the industry, from main dealers to local dealers and local brokers. On receiving an enquiry we call, fax and email all the dealers on our database. We also check the private classifieds to seek out good, well looked after cars.

Who we are

Car Broker was created in 2009 by an expat who spent 10 years as a car design engineer and later a senior manager in the automotive industry in the UK and his wife, a Hong Kong local who has family and friends in the local car business. The business slowly expanded into car importing and consignment. As we built up our customer base we were asked by companies here to assist their staff as they came to or were leaving Hong Kong. This meant an expansion into storage for cars left behind. In early 2013 we managed to find a warehouse and rebranded the company to more reflect our services.

Along the way we have become well known in the industry here. However we have never forgotten our roots and still provide a very personal service to all our customers.


About Us